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By: Litchfield Builders on February 11th, 2015

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New Haven Planning for Last Section of Farmington Canal Greenway

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The following is an excerpt of an article by Mary E. O'Leary of the New Haven Register on upcoming additions being made to the Farmington Canal Heritage Greenway, a popular trail running from New Haven to Northampton, MA.

Mark your calendars for the spring of 2017.

That is the estimated completion date for the last section of the Farmington Canal Heritage Greenway down to the city’s harbor, a milestone that has been delayed for years.

To be sure they are on firm legal ground, the Board of Alders will be asked at its February meeting to amend the original resolution to accept federal funds for the project to specifically include the ability to enter into temporary and permanent easements and land acquisition. It goes before the Municipal Services Committee on Wednesday.

City Plan Director Karyn Gilvarg said the city attorney recommended the agreement be tweaked so there is no misunderstanding on the issue of easements. The state Department of Transportation won’t give its final approval until this is resolved.

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Photo Courtesy: CT DEEP